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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Yuliinterior gift cards expire?
Yuliinterior gift cards do not expire. 

Where can I purchase a Yuliinterior gift card? 
Yuliinterior gift cards can be purchased directly from the Yuliinterior site.

How many times can I use a Yuliinterior gift card?
Once. Yuliinterior gift cards are one time use only. 

If what I purchase is above or less than the gift card amount, what happens to the extra/remaining fund? 
If it is less than the gift card amount, whatever funds left after delivery cost has been added to your final purchase and transaction completed, will be cancelled. If it exceeds (including delivery cost) the gift card amount after purchase, you will have to pay the excess amount.

Can I use a Yuliinterior gift card at Bobozkids?
Yes, you can. You can use a Yuliinterior gift card on any Yuli sites namely Yuliinterior and Bobozkids. 

Can I redeem a Yuliinterior gift card for cash?
No, you cannot.

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